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AG eGift Cards – The Wellness Blessings to Your Beloved Ones

Every AG eGift Cards is fully filled with the blessings from the gifters. The beloved receivers can choose the health supplements which suit their needs on their own. You can then stay healthy together and share the boundless joy with your beloved ones!

  • The AG eGift Card with relevant value will be emailed to you once an order is placed successfully, which can be shared to your beloved ones through email or other communication apps.
  • Each AG eGift Card processes a unique promotion code, which can only be used at AG eShop. Please enter the code when placing an order.
  • The validity of an AG eGift Card is 12 months starting from the purchase date.
  • The value of AG eGift Card can be used as cash at AG eShop. Should the net purchase amount of the order is less than the value of AG eGift Card, the difference will not be refunded.
  • Purchase of AG eGift Cards is not entitled to member discount, points earning nor free delivery nor regarded as eligible spending of the membership year.
  • Use of AG eGift Cards can enjoy member discount and earn points at the same time and is regarded as eligible spending of the membership year.

(If this English version is different from the Chinese Version, the English version shall prevail.)